Joy and bliss turned to mud and piss.
Bloody hell this has made a turn for the worse.

that feeling. only certain people have felt it. that punch in the gut, tears flowing out of your skull, red splotches, snot dripping down your chin as you sit there. and sob. knowing that the world around you is forever moving and the people are too.

that moment. when you discover someone and they make you happy. truly happy. they take you on fancy dinner dates and buy bottles of wine. you sit naked on his floor and he tells you how beautiful you are, even with no make up on. and in an flash, it is all gone, and nothing but a memory.

these two moments have made me vulnerable tonight as I sit and pack my things for college, I will also be packing away my heart, knowing I will wake up a stronger woman because of what I have learned tonight. One month. All it took for me to open up and then at the same time get my heart broken. One month.

Dramatic post, judge me. fuck you.