Anxious thoughts begin to fill my throbbing skull. My eyes widen as the tears flow from my blood shot eyes. Whoever said this life was good was a liar. But whoever gives up on it is a thief.

This is for my future child when I will someday be a mom ( a Long long time from now)
I promise to be nothing like my mother. I will be so affectionate with you, you will get sick of my kisses. I will tell you you are beautiful everyday and build you up to be a strong woman, the right way. Not from all the heart ache I’ve caused nor the influence of your father. You will learn from me. I will build a relationship with you that others envy. I promise to love you with everything that I have. I make this promise now because in this moment I feel unfit as a woman due to my mother. But you, my darling, will not end up like me. I